RIY oblique cameras


Choose a suitable and professional camera for your drones

  • Full frame ortho photogrammetry camera


    Full frame ortho photogrammetry camera

    Self-developed optical lens offers higher precision and better aerial image quality More durable and reliable shutter self-developed software greatly simplifies the customer's processing workflow 0.5S exposure interval, faster flying, higher efficiency

    • Flagship full-frame oblique camera


      Flagship full-frame oblique camera

      Utmost-optimized lenses arrangement and focal length configuration high-precision synchronization technology of five lenses excellent optical performance for city modelling high efficiency for large area operation

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      • Full-frame oblique camera


        Full-frame oblique camera

        Able to do 1:500 cadastral survey without GCPsFlight efficiency improved by 15-20%Compatible with most mainstream rotary and fixed wing dronesIdeal tool for city modelling

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        • Half-frame oblique camera


          Half-frame oblique camera

          Open parameter adjustmentReal-time feedbackFast storage moduleSelf-developed software, one-click data download

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