3d mapping camera


Why rainpoo


China's largest oblique camera manufacturer

Founded in 2015, Rainpootech has been focusing on oblique photography for 5+ years. The company has accumulated a large number of core technologies in the fields of optics, inertial navigation, photogrammetry, and spatial data processing. More than 2000 units sold per year, 10K businesses worldwide trust Rainpootech.

Better than lighter

The first to launch five-lens oblique camera within 1000g(D2),then DG3(650g),then DG3mini(350g). Rainpoo still trying to make products lighter, smaller, more versatile, and easier to use.

What we need to surpass is always OURSELVES, and we will NEVER STOP.

Save time

One camera,five lenses. This integration allows you to collect photos from five perspectives at one flight.And Rainpoo has innovatively developed a lot of supporting software and hardware, which can not only save the time of UAV flight works, but also save the time of 3D modeling software processing data.

See “Accessories” to find how to use accessories to save your time >

Learn operation in 10 minutes

Modular design makes it easy for anyone to learn how to install and use the cameras. Intelligent software allows you to download photos with one-click.

High image quality and accuracy

Independently developed optical lens. Built-in Double Gauβ and extra low dispersion Aspherical lens, which can compensate aberration, increase sharpness, reduce the dispersion and strictly control the distortion rate less than 0.4%. In addition, We adopted different focal length and designed the most scientific focal length value for the five-lens oblique camera.

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Synchronization exposure

Exposure time-difference of five lenses is less than 10ns.

Why the synchronization of five-lenses is so important?We all know that during the drone flight, a trigger signal will be given to the five lenses of the obique camera. In theory, the five lenses should be exposed synchronously,and then a POS data will be recorded simultaneously.But after actual verification, we came to a conclusion: the more complex the texture information of the scene, the larger the amount of data that the lens can solve, compress, and store, and the more time it takes to complete the recording. If the interval between the trigger signals is shorter than the time required for the lens to complete the recording, the camera will not be able to do the exposure, which will result in a "missing photo" .BTW,the synchronization is also very important for PPK signal.

Learn more about Synchronization exposure >

Robust and safe

The shell made of magnesium-aluminum alloy is used to protect the important lenses, and because the camera itself is very light and small, it will hardly cause any extra burden to the carrier drone. And due to it’s modular design(the camera body,transmission unit and control unit are separated),it’s easy to replace or maintain.

Can be Integrated with many types of drones

Whether it's a multi-rotor UAV, a fixed wing drone, or a VTOL, our cameras can be integrated with them and fitted according to different applications.

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