Why rainpoo

Best Brand

As the most famous and trusted brand in the field of UAV aerial survey, Rainpoo has earned an exceptional brand reputation for the best performance, stability and efficiency.

For continuous years, Rainpoo’s cameras have been equipped on Xuelong vessel for Chinese Antarctic Research, and have withstood the test of the harshest operation situation on earth.

Market Recognition

Rainpoo’s cameras firmly occupy first place with a market share of over 70%. Official mapping agencies, well-known drone manufacturers, professional aerial survey companies and individual users all make Rainpoo cameras their first choice for oblique photography.


Advanced Technologies

Time and again, Rainpoo’s products have revolutionized this industry with advanced technology.

With the light and compact design features, precise and efficient optical modules, Rainpoo has mastered all the core technologies of oblique cameras driven by technological innovation. We bring stronger, lighter and more accurate professional equipment to the industry.



With professional production processes, supply chain management and quality control procedures, Rainpoo always perform perfectly in various demanding operating situations as the most trusted partner of our customers. More than 5,000 Rainpoo’s cameras are integrated with UAVs in a variety of fields and working conditions to bring the most satisfaction to customers with their stability and efficiency.


Extraordinary Service

Rainpoo’s cameras can provide customers extraordinary service in the whole process of oblique photography. Our company has accumulated a lot of work experience in the processes of data collection, data processing and modeling, and has developed relevant supporting software to solve the difficulties of customer operations. We can provide customers with round-the-clock technical support throughout the whole process.


Powerful Partners

Rainpoo's complete and superior solutions have earned the support of lots of strong partners throughout the industry. UAV manufacturers, aerial survey solution providers and various modeling software companies all regard Rainpoo as the most important partner. Together with those strong partnerships, Rainpoo continues to drive the development of oblique photography.


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